Mad News, July 25-26, 2008

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Jul 262008

Can I just say, much as I love all this buzz, I’ll be happy when my news-gathering duties slow down a little. I’m going to the beach. Don’t panic if the news isn’t updated. Leave links here. has a nice interview with Robert Morse:

“I even come to work when I’m not working, because I don’t belong to a senior club. So I feel this is my club, and I come down to the set sometimes just to get the free lunch and hope that I’ll be in next week’s show.”

The Hartford Courant, in one of those local-boy-makes-good bits, interviews Michael Gladis (h/t to Basketcase Peter G.), and there’s beard stuff:

For now the beard “portends of times to come,” [Gladis] says. “And in within the confines of Sterling Cooper, he rides the changes of the 60s as much as any of these guys do.”

TV Tattle has a huge collection of Mad Men links. Most I had, but some I didn’t, and they’re juicy. (h/t to fangrrl magnet.)

The AV Club has a juicy two-page interview with Matt Weiner. He talks about his “10 year plan” (not), how commercial breaks affect writing, and being a micro-manager. Good times.

New York‘s Culture Vulture does the wildest, funniest description of Pete Campbell ever:

Pete is played by Vincent Kartheiser, formerly best known as Angel’s sulky jerk of a teenage son, an actor who has developed an intriguing expertise at what might be termed poignant crumminess. Even among his Ãœber-masculine colleagues, Pete’s sexuality is downright weird, date-rapist with neurotic streaks of caveman.

Business Week does the businessy side of Mad Men, talking about Ad Revenue, buzz-envy, and the like.

Whedonesque pointed out (thanks, zeitgeist!) this LA Times article that I had already linked to…but hadn’t noticed that Whedon veteran writer (and parking ticket singer) Marti Noxon is joining the Mad Men writing team. Huzzah!

The Boston Globe, a much better paper than the Boston Herald, likes Mad Men, and gets off some neat wordplay:

And so it is official: Made men have given way to “Mad Men” as we enter the post-“Sopranos” TV world.

Basketcase maurinsky referred us to an NPR review of season 2. Spoilers!


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  1. Here's another one for you. (Hope I did it right this time!)

  2. You did, Amanda, but that one we way knew about.

  3. Is that USA Today link right? Did you mean

  4. "Pete’s sexuality is downright weird, date-rapist with neurotic streaks of caveman."

    ROFLMAO. Best description EVER.

    Combining this with all of JK's amazing and wild commentary on the S1 dvds is…disturbing… 😉

  5. @Bob S.: yeah that's a typo, she meant TV Tattle. They put up an incredible set of links the other day. Hurry over there or you'll miss em.

    My favorite is the real life Philadelphia ad agency that MAD MEN-isized their own company's web site this month. Wow.

  6. I wanted to go fix the post, but I'm a little confused.

    So, the link that Deb posted does go to a USA Today article.

    I went to, and looked around for the Mad Men post, which is a collection of links. The first of those links, which looks like the title of a 'round-up' post, is in fact, the USA Today article. So I think Deb thought she was linking to the roundup, which it seems like there's no way to actually link to.

    If that makes sense.

  7. Yea, I'm back from the beach, I'm sunburnt, and I fixed it. I thought the USA Today link was a "permalink" and copied it without realizing I'd screwed up.

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