Mad News, July 24-25, 2008

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Jul 252008

Slate’s Troy Patterson has an early review of Season 2 that kind of gets it perfectly and kind of maybe doesn’t. Very mild spoilers about early scenes.

Per Ad Rants, here’s ad agency Red Tettemer‘s new site design, with a Mad Men facelift.

Here’s an amusing blog in the Portland Mercury News entitled Mad Men Is Wrecking My Marriage.

Basketcase Amanda B found us a couple of stories. Here’s the Metro giveaway paper on the set tour. Being a New York paper, it uses the word “tchotchke.”

…and here’s New York Magazine, with a thoughtful profile of Elisabeth Moss and Peggy Olson:

In any other narrative, she’d be merely an aspirational chick-lit heroine”the underdog who will whip off her glasses someday and win the man and the account. But in Matthew Weiner’s sixties melodrama about Madison Avenue’s advertising heyday, Peggy’s something more perverse and far more interesting. She’s an eaglet disguised as a wren, capable of keeping secrets when she needs to, even from herself.

New York’s Culture Vulture also jumps in with a portrait of Don Draper.

Jon Hamm is the lead-in to an MSNBC article on the fortunate perils of sudden fame.

The LA Times reviews episode one in major spoiler fashion, and with no warning. I read more than I wanted to, damn them.

The New York Post is mad about Vincent Kartheiser.

I didn’t read this USA Today review. I’m tired of unmarked spoilers, dammit!

If Magazine interviews Elisabeth Moss, noting that Mad Men is “so damn good.”

Here’s a Wall Street Journal article about BMW’s exclusive sponsorship of the first episode of season 2.

The New York Times also has a review. I have the physical paper sitting on my desk, and it’s gorgeous; front of the WeekendArts section, above the fold, big color photos. But B. Cooper warns me that it’s a little spoilery, so I’ll read it later.

Hullaballoo found us an interesting article about “foils” in Mad Men.

Kartheiser Girl found us a Playboy interview with her beloved. I can’t view it from work so I’m linking it blind.

A great interview with Stuart Elliot on the cultural significance of Mad Men. Elliot is the advertising columnist at the New York Times. The article, conducted by Tim McHale, appears in the Madison Avenue Journal, an advertising trade publication. Elliot is a huge fan of the show… this is the man who co-hosted the Arts & Leisure Week Mad Men panel last January.

…by being setting in the past, it makes such big difference in terms of offering us a sort of “mirror-on-ourselves.” It takes place when advertising was a very glamorous profession. It was hot. It was what the digital business was like 10 years ago. It was the hip place to be. It was an era when a healthy proportion of Ivy League graduates would go to work on Madison Avenue. The popular culture of that time reflected that interest.

He also compares Mad Men to thirtysomething, which makes the Lipp Sisters happy.


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  1. Love the caption under the Draper picture in the Portland Mercury News…

    Don Draper: Total Scumbag

  2. The Hartford Courant Sr. TV Critic Roger Catlin has a fun BLOG entry about Michael Gladis:

    The Hartford Courant also gave MM almost a full 1/2 page in their Entatainment Section today (no SPOLIERS that I see):,0,476330.story

  3. A discussion on Whedonesque about Marti Noxon writing for MM:

  4. He hadn't a single redeeming vice.OscarWildeOscar Wilde

  5. […] Courant, in one of those local-boy-makes-good bits, interviews Michael Gladis (h/t to Basketcase Peter G.), and there’s beard stuff: For now the beard “portends of times to come,” […]

  6. I doesn't appear 'yall have picked up that although yes there are 4 Playboy interviews with MAD MEN Actors on their blog site (above is Vincent's, here's the one with Michael Gladis):

    If you read the interviews carefully, you see even BIGGER news – it says there will be a MAD MEN FASHION SHOOT in the September issue of Playboy! My guess is will be on the stands in August.

  7. Thanks, Peter. I do some of the news gathering from my work computer, and I cannot access Playboy from there!

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