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 Posted by on July 23, 2008 at 4:12 pm  Matthew Weiner
Jul 232008

Okay, not “Uncle Matt.” Ick.

Matt Weiner will be answering questions live on on Sunday night immediately after the Mad Men premiere (that’s 11pm Eastern).

Leave questions for him here.

Also, leave questions in comments to this post so we can see what our Basketcases are thinking.


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  1. I'd like clarification on Don Draper's age, and the Dick Whitman/Adam timeline. If Draper is 36 in 1960, (or even in 1962), why didn't he serve in World War II, instead of Korea? Why did he wait until he was well into his 20s to leave home, if it was a place he didn't want to be?

    How old is Adam supposed to be? If Don's dad got kicked in the head and died when he was ten, then Adam might be 11 years younger than Don–if we're to believe that Don and Adam actually have the same father. Otherwise…

  2. 2nns,
    I love that question. You're right that if I were to describe his type, absent the Peggy info, it might have been a secretary, but not that one. I wonder if he saw something in her that made him think she would be receptive. She told Don she didn't want to entertain him, and she seemed to not appreciate his "working his way up" appraisal, but he found her worth tracking down.

  3. Here are the questions I posted for Matt. I hope he answers mine!

    I love this show! 2 questions-

    What attracts Pete to Peggy? I am curious as to what it is about her that catches his eye since she seems to the opposite of what his “type” would be ( not wealthy or well dressed, socially connected, etc.)

    THere are some elements of this show that remind me of another one of my favorites shows- thirtysomething. (handsome ad man’s rise and fall, dealing with spouse issues and co-workers jealousies, enigmatic boss figure) Did you drawn any of your inspirations from this show by chance?

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