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Jul 162008 blogger Jaimie Weinman has an interesting post talking about how TV used to, as a medium, have no regard whatsoever for details. I have often thought about this; continuity errors used to be the norm. Weinman cites Mad Men as emblematic of the new attention to detail.

Matthew Gilbert of has mixed feelings about Mad Men becoming a hit. Will success spoil Rock Hunter Matthew Weiner as it spoiled Shonda Rimes? And he confesses that it’s not just fear of a watered-down MM:

There’s something appealingly intimate about having an eye or an ear on a lesser known delicacy.

Next up, two good interviews with Jon Hamm. Expect to see many more of these; the guy has a major movie coming up. The ABC News interview is, well, pleasant. The second is with Mo Ryan, honorary Basketcase. She asks deep questions and gets deep answers, but my favorite part is when Hamm refers to plot threads as “hanging chads.” Bwah!

SF Gate film critic James Rocchi spins a love of Mad Men into a review of the brilliant and dark Sweet Smell of Success.

TV Barn’s Aaron Barnhart talks about how Matt Weiner “sells” his show, comparing him to Don Draper. Coolest of all, he includes a picture of the GAF Viewfinder swag. Yum.

Another one of those “local kid makes good” stories appears in the Avon (Connecticut) Post, featuring Michael Gladis (Paul Kinsey).

For actor Michael Gladis, “Mad Men” is a dream come true. “If the show was lousy and I was just doing it for a paycheck, I’d be content to work one day a week and collect my money. This show is so good that I’d prefer they work me like a rented mule,” Gladis says jokingly. During his time off he relaxes with friends and some of the cast members from the show. “We’re newly addicted to backgammon,” says Gladis.

Everyone is predicting big happy for Mad Men. The Envelope of LA Times has a “smackdown” with its two writers predicting the nominees to be announced tomorrow. They both predict Mad Men for Best Drama, and Jon Hamm for Best Drama Actor. Neither thinks Elisabeth Moss will make it, because the competition is too strong (and in any event, I think Holly Hunter in Saving Grace is the actress of the year).

The Hollywood Reporter (via Reuters) asked several TV critics for their Emmy picks. Three out of five pick Mad Men.


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  1. As someone who prefers to hear about media from an ear to the rails rather than the watercooler, I frequently share Gilbert’s ambivalent feelings about great hidden gems. But in the case of MM, I really do have faith in MW to stay true to his artistic vision and not compromise for the masses. If he does that, I don’t care how many people are on board – maybe it will influence networks to invest in well-crafted dramas as well, and TV will finally move away from the cheap pablum of reality shows!

  2. A few weeks back someone on another board had brought up that swing dance revival in the late 90s popularized by the movie Swingers, and how random it seems now. I wonder if the popularity of Mad Men will cause any cultural changes outside of Michael Kors’ fashion line? I’d love for Joan’s voluptuous beauty standard to make a comeback. Though she’s only 5’8′ according to IMDB, she looks amazonian next to Peggy sometimes.

  3. Ew, you can’t even put Grey’s Anatomy in the same category with Mad Men over anything. Mad Men is so much better. Period and Weiner is so different than Shonda Rhimes. With her, the story just gets worse. With Matt, the story just gets better and better.

    (and I watch Grey’s Anatomy ;))

  4. lol, I forgot to put a . after the word “period” 😉

  5. But in the case of MM, I really do have faith in MW to stay true to his artistic vision and not compromise for the masses.

    I couldn’t agree more!

    lol, I forgot to put a . after the word “period”

    Funny! I was trying to figure out what “Period and Weiner” meant!

  6. Haha, yeah sorry. 😛 I’m on my lunch break and was trying to type fast.

    Here’s how it should sound:

    “Mad Men is so much better. Period. And Weiner is so different than Shonda Rhimes.”

  7. Okay I totally thought it meant that being a period piece and being written by Weiner was a combo that can’t be beat.

    Grey’s was great once. Now it has tiny frays of greatness in a vast wooly blanket of ‘eh’.

    Jackie, Joan’s NECK alone looks about a foot and a half long!

  8. Shocks me also that Joan is “only 5’8!” She has that tall, voluptuous look a la Sophia Loren!

  9. The Onion finally (and very positively) reviewed the first season DVD, and they will review every episode of the series in their TV club.

  10. That’s quite a review! Very nuanced.

  11. Shocks me also that Joan is “only 5′8!” She has that tall, voluptuous look a la Sophia Loren!
    Yeah, I was surprised that she was shorter than Roger when they had their tryst in the hotel room. Then again, I guess Roger could have had his lifts in and/or Joan could have been barefoot.

  12. Loren’s 5’8″ 1/2 according to IMDB

  13. One of my favorite Roger lines is when he says to Joan:

    “The way you glide around that office like some magnificent ship.”

    She does. I think she’s improving my posture as I find myself standing up straighter every time I watch her move!

  14. Apparently the undergarments help — both EM and CH have said they automatically move differently because of them.

  15. And according to my (our) mother? NOT worth it.

  16. Honestly, I’ve only worried about audience size to the extent that it would stop AMC from picking up a later season. I’ll worry about the perils of a overwhelming mass response when it happens.

    Jon Hamm’s interview with Mo Ryan is very, very good. Thanks for the link; the man is quite perceptive.

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