Vincent Kartheiser: Deranged elf

 Posted by on July 11, 2008 at 10:19 am  Actors & Crew
Jul 112008

This AP photo (Matt Sayles / AP/ July 9, 2008) from the TCA press tour cracked my shit up (I, uh, touched it up a bit):

Vincent Kartheiser: Deranged Elf


  13 Responses to “Vincent Kartheiser: Deranged elf”

  1. Yow, what a moment to have immortalized on film! Vince needs to compose himself more, as Salvatore does. Don's not gonna like this!

  2. Hater.

  3. There's no hate…I just have an increasingly hard time believing that Vincie knocked up Peggy.

  4. LOL! That's hilarious. I love the way you jazzed it up.

  5. DH, the "hater" is kind of an in-joke. Roberta did it to make me snort my coffee.

    And it worked.

  6. That is possibly the most creepy thing I've seen all day (and I moderate Whedonesque threads… ;)). Deranged is absolutely the correct word for it.

  7. Hater! Oh, wait, that was me who just posted. Hater!

  8. Plus, DH, I was calling 'Deb' a hater.

    But yeah, an inside joke. So maybe not funny to everyone else.

    Except Deb and Zeit.

  9. LOL, I wonder what he was saying because Lizzy is definitely not amused. 😉

  10. Missed opportunity for a Caption This thread. Although I suppose you did okay. 😉

  11. This is so funny, I have to share that on my Vinnie Fan Blog 🙂 (of course with giving you credit)

  12. This was actually hilarious. Although, I think he is rather cute. Can´t help myself.

  13. I agree, he's a CUTE deranged little elf. He just needs a little green hat and come bearing gifts.

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