Jun 182008

This is a delightful piece about the screening the other night of 2:01 written by Pat, the former college roommate of Linda Brettler, better known to us as Matthew Weiner’s wife. Yeah. There were five seats reserved. Matt, Linda, Pat, Roberta and Deborah. What? Oh, I’m sorry, there were only three. Anyway, enjoy!

Before I know it, I am linking arms with Jon Hamm, smiling like I’d died and gone to Heaven. Next thing I know, there I am, squished between Christina and January, the two most beautiful women I’ve ever been physically close to (apologies to Linda, my other college roommates, and all my female friends and relatives). And did John Slattery actually touch my waist (if it can still be called that)?


  3 Responses to “Matt's wife's former roommate's account of the screening”

  1. It’s a great story. If you look at the picture at the very bottom of the article, you’ll see it’s a wonder Christina Hendricks didn’t get fugged as well. Trifecta!

  2. Mmm, borderline – CH’s dress might have looked less funereal straight on. Besides, they already tagged her a few months ago, maybe they’re taking pity?

    Man, looking at everyone standing next to Matt Weiner makes you realise that most actors really are in a different class of “beauty” than regular schmoes…. I never realised how casually sexy Jon Hamm looks!

  3. You never realized…?


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