So much yarn, so little time

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May 222008

Sunday, May 18th, was Robert Morse’s 77th birthday.

I’d written a little piece in which Matthew Weiner talks about casting him (and other tales) here.

Quoting uh, me:

He had to audition, like everyone. He wasn’t at all insulted by that, but he “had nooo idea what was going on”. He kept saying, So much yarn, so little time, which Weiner put into the show.

From IMDb about his tony awards:

Has won two Tony Awards: in 1962, as Best Actor (Musical) for “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” a role he recreated in the film version, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967); and in 1990 as Best Actor (Play) for “Tru,” a one-man show in which he played Truman Capote and a performance he recreated on television as “American Playhouse: Tru” (1992). He was also nominated for Tony Awards three other times: once as Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Dramatic), in 1959 for “Say, Darling;” and twice as Best Actor (Musical), in 1960 for “Take Me Along” (an Award won by co-star Jackie Gleason) and in 1973 for “Sugar.”

I watched Tru when it was on PBS over and over (I had taped it). It was exquisite, and he was brilliance.

Happy birthday week, Mr. Morse! We are so glad you are on Mad Men.

Birthday kisses from BoK!


  8 Responses to “So much yarn, so little time”

  1. Free toy inside!

  2. I wasn’t familiar with him before Mad Men, which is odd, really.

    Is How To Succeed In Business… a must see?

  3. Roberta or I or both will be doing a review of How to Succeed… sooner or later. It’s excellent but not, in my opinion, “must see.”

  4. Wait. we will?

    I’ve never seen the whole thing. I agree that it’s probably not a must-see. It’s a musical on par with say, (Deb, check me on this), Bye Bye Birdie. And Morse’s performance is a classic one. He created the role on broadway, and I believe it made his career.

    Check out this number, and decide from there.

    Wait. Never mind. I’m editing it into the post. Go back and look there.

  5. Yay for HTSiBwRT! See, I liked it WAAAAAAY better than Bye Bye Birdie. And I think it's a fun watch–particularly as it relates to MM and the goofy cynicism that comprises corporate America, then and now. I don't particularly care for Michelle Lee, but it's great to see the early rumblings of Bert Cooper and how he got to where he is.

  6. I don't know. I think it's really dated but I do love Robert Morse in it. He's so boyish! And I like some of the songs. But the rest of it is… meh.

    But don't listen to me bc I've lost my tolerance for musicals. I used to love them as a kid but now I find that halfway-thru I'm totally… exhausted, as if I'd been babysitting a bunch of sugar-addled five year olds.

    Also: Hi! I was too busy to check the blog this week. I missed youse terribly.

  7. Oh. My monster looks like a piece of poo. Bwah! Can I change it?

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