Apr 262008

AMC reports that Vincent Kartheiser will be receiving a Young Hollywood Award tomorrow (Sunday) night.

The awards are sponsored by Hollywood Life Magazine; the “official site” for the awards doesn’t mention Kartheiser, or indeed, much about the awards in any kind of organized fashion. It’s just some breathless gossip about “up-and-coming “it” stars in tinseltown…” GODS, do people really still say “Tinseltown”? Without capitalizing it? Anyway, this is why it sucks to be a blogger, these people are not designing their sites for me to figure stuff out. So thanks to AMC for the info.


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  1. Congrats to VK! It's about friggin' time.

    Vince certainly wins my award for Sexiest, Hottest, Coolest Veteran Comeback Superstar with an Outstanding Performance.

    AMC site says that Jon Hamm will be presenting VK his award. Let's hope that they engage in a Madonna/Britanny-style liplock to make the Young Hollywood Awards sexier, hotter, and cooler than it ever would have been without them.

  2. Have been snooping around for a while but now I just have to add a comment on this.
    I really like this actor and his character Peter Campbell. Unfortunately I have never seen him in anything else. I saw Alphadog but I can´t remember him from there.
    From what I have seen in interviews and such, he seems to really look up to Jon Hamm so I hope Jon can make it special for him. I agree with Max the Communist. A kiss would be fun. I think they are both hot guys in different ways;-)

    I would also like to add that you have an excellent blog here! The only one that seems to lead to discussions for once. Something I have been missing when it comes to Mad Men.

  3. Cush, welcome. Feel free to jump into any discussion!

  4. Welcome, Cushionmover.

    A lot of people know VK from his role on Angel, which was a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I can't say his character was popular, but there was where he truly honed his petulance.

  5. Thank you for welcoming me.

    I think Pete is a lot of things actually. A lot of things goes on behond those eyes. I like his negative parts almost more than the positive actually. I laughed at him in 5G because he is so horrible 🙂 I like his type of character. The losertype that tries to hard to win or something.
    I checked the imdb and I know what he has been in. I watched Angel as well for about a half season but I never saw him there.
    Next time it is a rerun I watch every episode;-)

  6. Not to sound like a broken record, but rent "Another Day In Paradise". You'll be glad you did.

  7. And not to sound like a broken record, but he sucked sucked sucked so hard on Angel. Up until that last season.

    (Welcome, Cush!)

  8. Up until like the last 3 episodes of the last season. Which means that between the ages of 22 and 24 he got some acting lessons. I'm okay with that.

  9. Well, (no spoilers here), the direction of the character was very different. I still wonder if he just made bad choices and/or received bad direction in his initial run.

    But yeah, probably some more schooling happened as well. 'Cause of how he sucked so bad. And doesn't anymore. Suck.

  10. Vinny K's a kick-ass actor!! Credit to VK for making Pete a total scumbag, with no moral fiber, a flop at schmoozing, and just a real jerk!!

  11. Roberta, right, it's a think we don't know. That's why I posted about it & stuff.

    Kay, acting is both a gift and a learned skill. Like singing or painting or mathematics, you have to have both a native talent for it, and also some training. I'm suggesting that VK improved with training.

  12. Deborah, I wasn't criticizing your comment about VK improving. I've not seen his acting in "Angel" because I've never seen the series. You are so correct that acting is a gift and a skill to be improved upon.

  13. Cush, VK was introduced to Angel late in season 3.

  14. I know that the following statements could get me hated forever on a blog filled with Joss Whedon fans, but I have held back, out of courtesy, so far. IMHO "Angel" sucked as a series. True, what I saw was late at night reruns but the whole thing never gelled for me, though a few individual performances shown through (James Marsters, always kickass). For me, it was a lackluster JW culture product. There, I've said it.

  15. Max, I forgive you. I like Angel, but I have many problems with it, VK among them. And there were great expanses of lackluster.

    Deborah, on the other hand, may never forgive you. But it's too late, you're already in as a guest blogger. 😉

  16. I dont know. I stopped watching Angel because I thought the actor playing Angel was horrible. I dont want to look at bad actors. So I think I dont watch Angel if "Pete" was so bad in it. Maybe it has something to do with direction, because I love what he does in Mad Men.

  17. Max, you, you — communist! 😉

    I am Whedon's biggest fan — possible in a scary Kathy Bates way, too. I don't deny it.

    That being said, Angel the Show can't hold a candle to Buffy or Firefly. Angel the character can't hold a candle to Spike either. Because he's, you know, Spike.

    Angel is a series I enjoy because it ties in to the Buffy mythos, of course, and because there are individual episodes and arcs that show brilliance, but few Angel episodes have the rewatchability of most Buffys.

    Conner was a hard character to like, and I think we've decided this might have been more a directing choice. Whedon and crew just seem more damned tolerant of whiny teens than usual. (As they proved in allowing my ears to be assaulted by Dawn's Get out, get out, get out! ) I did like him in the end, and would have liked to see more of him, but it was, um, the end.

    I'm a Whedon fan because his stuff tends to get stuck in my head and enter my dreams. See why I don't deny the Kathy Bates thing?

  18. Forgot, Cushionmover. David Boreanaz got hired mostly for his looks — Joss Whedon was not that impressed, but his female staff was plenty impressed. And there are moments where he came through with some acting chops, too, but mostly it was the Salty Goodness.

    He seems to be a better actor on Bones, but he also seems to be playing a character that's more like himself, and fortunately there's no call for him to attempt to sound Irish.

  19. Glass, Roberta, Deb, Kay, Cush, and y'all–to paraphrase "Love Story"–blogging on BOK means never having to say you're sorry for being crazy about something.

  20. Max must be expelled from the body! Unclean! Unclean!!

    j/k 🙂

    I've gone into my problems with VK as Connor before, so I won't repeat myself. I'll admit that Angel the series is inferior to Buffy, but that's probably only because I love BtVS as I'll never love any other show.

    It's true, though, that David Boreanaz was a bad actor at first. I think I must have just accepted him at the time as the Generic Love Interest, not knowing yet that BtVS worked on a higher level than that. Fortunately he improved, but it's still disconcerting to watch those first couple of episodes and see just how terrible he was.

  21. Now I'm going to have to rewatch Buffy season 1 to see the terribleness of Boreanaz. I was rather taken by the gorgeous hunkiness, so maybe I didn't notice.

    I ended up doing an Angel review on Property of a Lady today, so you can check that out for my opinion.

  22. It's really only the first episode or two. He plays Angel as smiling/cocky, which he seems terribly uncomfortable doing. By the next time he shows up, he's found the unsmiling/broody/mysterious groove.

  23. Right, but eventually he had to play Angelus who was all sorts of smiling, well, smirking/cocky. He also got better at that.

  24. I know a lot of people think Boreanaz sucks, but I'm not one of them. Brilliant actor? Nah, but I'm okay with him. Plus he is quite pretty.

    (Oh except as Angelus in Season 4 of Angel. But nearly everything was reprehensible about Season 4 of Angel.

    Glass, to be all indulgey, here's a post I did on my blog about BtVS getting into my dreams:

  25. I think Boreanaz has done good work when stretching himself; Angel to Angelus (you're right, season 4 Angel was weird; a totally atypical Angelus performance), the "possession" episode of Buffy, the memory loss episode of Angel. Good stuff.

    And I'm not an expert on the Irish accent, but I've heard actual Irish people who sound EXACTLY like Irish Angelus; I've heard much worse accents from supposedly much better actors.

  26. Pete Campbell is such a great character. What a weasel that guy is, but Kartheiser works it. Love me some Jon Hamm, but everyone on this show does such a fantastic job. I'm glad to see someone else getting recognized, too.

  27. Congratulations to Vincent K! Good work.

    Also, did you all see that one of his quotes on imdb shows he's perfect for the part of Pete:

    "I think it's healthy to hate. I think it's extremely healthy, because without hate, you cannot see love. Without red, there wouldn't be any green. That's not a very good metaphor but, you know, it's the same."

    Btw, you all wouldn't be surprised if I said that I agree with VK that it's healthy to hate (though for slightly different reasons).

  28. I think I have decided to skip Angel for now. I have rented the only two movies I can find in my country with Vincent Kartheiser. "Indian in the cupboard" and "The unsaid" so I will look forward to watching those this weekend.

    I agree with his view about love and hate. It´s the "you have to go through the bad to appreciate the good" kind of thing? Or am I wrong?

    But I am happy for all your welcome.

  29. Welcome, Cushionmover.

    Maybe that's what he means. It might also mean that he believes in being passionate and he's a Taurus, so that would make sense.

  30. Young Hollywood got the coverage of the Young Hollywood awards, watch here under awards section.. ^_^

  31. Thanks Jen. Going right now…

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