Give a dog a bone.

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Feb 042008

In New Amsterdam, at the end of the scene where Cooper has just explained to Don and Roger Pete Campbell’s value as a Sterling Cooper employee, Bertram “Yoda” Cooper whistles This Old Man.


What’s it represent?

That this whole thing is a game? Like, a children’s counting game?

Is it a jab at Pete’s being a little brat, squashed by his father but ultimately saved by his mother?

Yup. I’m the one with the blog. And yet I say…



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  1. So, I'm re-watching scene after scenes from various episodes, working on our bible, and I come across this scene.

    And I think it's not about Pete being a little brat. I think it's about Bert Cooper patting Don on the head and giving him a juicebox. His, There you go! All better. and big grin… terrificly patronizing.

    So why not humor him with a little children's tune on his way out the door. (An unconscious choice on the part of the character, I'm certain.)

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