Batting Out of the park

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Nov 292007

Our very own Salvatore is fully out and receiving kudos!

Out Magazine has named Bryan Batt artist of the year, and there’s a nice little writeup and a great little photo.

Ironically, the actor has spent nearly the entirety of his 20-year professional career out of the closet.


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  1. Awesome. I remember him so well in Jeffrey, he was so funny and so touching. I didn't realize until I read the article that it was the same actor.

  2. I never saw it. Always meant to.

  3. He was the only actor besides Kartheiser that I recognized, though i couldn't place him until I IMDB'd.

    Jeffrey is so good that even us poor straight guys could get it. I love Paul Rudnick's attitude: he feels sorry for straight people because they can never be as stylish and witty as gay men. Patrick Stewart is especially good. He seems to be channeling Tallulah Bankhead.

  4. I was a huge West Wing fan, so I recognized Elisabeth Moss instantly. And of course, Christina Hendricks, aka Yo/Saf/Bridge.

    And when Roberta told me that Hamm was Jennifer Westfield's boyfriend, I immediately remembered his scene from Kissing Jessica Stein. But I've seen that movie like five times.

  5. […] Anyway, if you haven’t already, check out the roles this guy has had over the course of his stunning career.And he was Out Magazine’s Artist of the Year for 2007. […]

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