Jul 232014

hamm1This one has me thinking …

The Dick Whitman we see in Korea is no football hero, we know that. And in 6 1/2 seasons there’s not one piece of evidence on screen to suggest Dick could have been anything more than a tackling dummy.

I’d be interested to know just what kind of backstory Don gave himself in order to woo Betty.

I imagine Gene Hofstadt needed about 10 seconds to see through that canard.

Jul 222014

The Marvel Avenger’s STATION exhibit is currently at Discovery Times Square ($27 per adult), and presumably will travel all over the place. Since we occasionally write about Agents of SHIELD here, as well as review various Marvel movies (among others), I figured it was an apropos subject for a review.

Don’t go.

Since I was in Times Square on business, Professor Spouse and I bought tickets. We were pretty excited to get our nerd on. In all fairness, I was in a bad mood because I’d hurt my leg and I was in a reasonable amount of pain. Nonetheless, I really wanted to enjoy this exhibit.

There’s just not all that much to it. Here’s the good stuff: There are some very cool walk-throughs; rooms are setup to look like a high-tech SHIELD installment. There are cool computer displays showing things like what happens to the Hulk’s physiology when he transforms. In addition, there were display cases of movie costumes and props–one of my favorite things. I loved all that.

The interactivity, though, was sorely lacking. It was mostly very simple computer games on large, fancy displays with Marvel window-dressing. You can use a laser to get your height and weight and compare it to Captain America. Height and weight…woohoo. In addition, there are lots of movie clips playing–clips from movies I’ve already seen. No new content. Handicapped accessibility is virtually nil. The museum has a wheelchair lift but none of the interactive displays can be adjusted to wheelchair height. Finally, about 20% of the games and interactivity “stations” were out of order. FRUSTRATING.

Don’t waste your money. There’s lots more fun to do in Times Square.

Jul 212014

Masters-of-Sex-Parallax-Virginia-BillThank you, loyal Basketcases, for hanging in an extra week while I traveled for business. Although I sometimes imagine I’ll find a way to get the writing done while on the road, it rarely happens, so I’m combining two weeks of Masters of Sex Season 2 into one post.

So far, Season 2 is shaping up to be far better than Season 1. There’s no doubt the show has been improving all along, but now we’re in a place where the darkest nature of sexual desire is being explored.

In the season premiere, Parallax, we find Virginia Johnson and Bill Masters where they left off last season; he knocking on her door and telling her he cannot do without her. For a short while, intercut throughout the episode, they give their passion for each other rein, but soon they return to the comfortable, believable lie—that this is about the work, and not an affair. The cost is a little honesty, a little comfort; both Virgina and Bill are very good at holding their feelings in check and acting as if they can rise above it all. The real price is being paid by Libby Masters, of course, and Caitlin FitzGerald portrays her character as if she sits on a knife-edge of revelation and loss. Continue reading »


Basket of News, Jul. 12-18, 2014

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Jul 182014

Hey there, she’s an all-star:

January Jones was filling in for Jon Hamm at the Legends & Celebs Game.

Robert Morse talks to Playbill about the reaction to Bert Cooper’s final curtain and his new play. (via Polly Draper)

Wired makes the case for giving Christina Hendricks an Emmy (and picks Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston and Peter Dinklage).

Five Reasons Why Pete Campbell is Still King. [Real Reason No. 1 -- Vincent Kartheiser -K]

Ben Feldman tells Access Hollywood he wasn’t surprised about Michael Ginsberg’s fate. HitFix looks at Ben’s new show, NBC’s A to Z.

Teyonah Parris talks to the HuffPost about integrating SC&P.

Cara Buono is a Person of Interest to CBS.

Bryan Cranston‘s Tony-winning turn as President Lyndon B. Johnson in Broadway’s Best Play–winning All the Way is being adapted at HBO.

Indiewire thinks Cranston is a lock for an Emmy; GoldDerby thinks Cranston and Matthew McConaughey are in a tight race. Alright, alright alright.

The cast and crew of Hell On Wheels tease Season 4.

Robert Kirkman has a dispatch from the set of The Walking Dead, Season 5.

Steven Yeun talks to Chris Hardwick about Glenn and to E! Online about Terminus.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases like you.

Jul 162014


Taking place as it does on Valentine’s Day and the occasion of a funeral, flowers are major narrative motif that runs through the Mad Men episode A Day’s Work. These elements are woven into a story depicting characters who find themselves forced to “act” a certain way as they play out the various roles in their life. The episode explores the idea of individuals struggling to sort out truth from fiction as these roles are played with others who are performing roles of their own. Continue reading »


What the heck happened?

Jul 14, 2014

Business trip, of course. I’m all over the map. I didn’t even get to watch Masters of Sex yet. The problem with Sunday being Prestige Television Night is that I always travel on Sundays for arrival Monday morning. Rest assured, Masters of Sex will be blogged in this space, although not necessarily on time, because [...]

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Basket of News, Jul. 5-11, 2014

Jul 11, 2014

ICYMI: The Emmy Award nominations had plenty for Basketcases, though it appears The Americans was snubbed. Masters of Sex returns this week. Lizzy Caplan talked to the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and TIME about her Emmy nod and much more. Allison Janney also talked to EW. Jon Hamm also talked to the New York [...]

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Emmy Award Nominations Announced!

Emmy Award Nominations Announced!

Jul 10, 2014

The list of nominations for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards was released this morning, and our shows represent (shows we actively blog in bold below)! The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards air on August 25th. Read the full list below! Be outraged! Sound off! Outstanding Drama Series “Breaking Bad” (AMC) “Downton Abbey” (PBS) “Game of [...]

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Accutron: It's a Conversation Piece

Accutron: It’s a Conversation Piece

Jul 9, 2014

When you look up something that was in an episode of Mad Men, you are meandering through history, and often, through people’s obsessions. While this site is a jeweler, it reads more like a love affair with Accutron. There’s an interesting history page here. I also found a buyer’s guide. Because there’s a lot to [...]

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Masters of Sex Returns on Sunday

Masters of Sex Returns on Sunday

Jul 8, 2014

Basketcase jahngalt reminds us that Masters of Sex returns to Showtime on Sunday. If you’re catching up on last season, we blogged the whole thing. These are recaps, which is to say, spoiler-filled. Showtime subscribers can access all of S1 here. Here’s your Season 2 preview:

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Pennies in Season 6

Pennies in Season 6

Jul 7, 2014

At the beginning of Mad Men Season 6, there was speculation that pennies would be an ongoing theme. Pennies are mentioned in the first three episodes that were aired. (Since The Doorway Parts One and Two were aired together, pennies were actually mentioned in three of the first four episodes, but whatever.) But then the [...]

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Happy 4th

Happy 4th

Jul 4, 2014

Whatever you do this weekend, make it unforgettable.

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Basket of News, Jun. 28-Jul. 4, 2014

Jul 4, 2014

AMC’s “Dead, White and Blue” marathon of every single episode of  The Walking Dead so far, starts today at 9AM/8c.  AMC has videos, quizzes and more connected to the marathon. Robert Kirkman says there will be “a ton of answers” in TWD‘s Season 5 premiere. Vulture has a behind-the-scenes video from the cast and crew of [...]

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