Jun 282016

Dear Basket Cases — “Mad Men:  What Happened” will appear twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month (if all goes according to plan).  Let me know in the comments section if there are particular characters you would like to see in this feature.

This week we speculate about what happened to Roger Sterling and his third wife Marie Calvet Sterling.  What was their wedding like?  Who attended?  Was Don Roger’s best man and Megan Marie’s Maid of Honor?  Did they just elope to Paris?

What happened after the honeymoon?

Do Roger and Marie stay married or does Roger get divorced yet again?

Roger Marie affair

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Jun 272016
Hell on Wheels white horse

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/AMC

Every breath you take with this in your hand is a challenge to God.

Hell on Wheels is back to the railroad, but in episode 5.10, 61 Degrees, it’s clear that it’s also still in the business of looking into Cullen Bohannon’s soul. In Two Soldiers, Thor Gunderson told Bohannon that he was in love with death; that’s what the war had taught them both. And in 61 Degrees, we see this acted out almost too literally, as Cullen and Mei get all sexy on a TABLE WITH NITROGLYCERINE WHAT!? Continue reading »

Jun 242016

It’s a busy news week at the Basket!

Here’s a very weird story about financial shenanigans in the Trump campaign that manages to bring Mad Men into the mix. Everyone sent me this! Thank you all!

Matthew Weiner has been nominated for the Writers Guild of America West board of directors. You go, Matt!

Costume Designer Janie Bryant goes for Old Hollywood glamour In Amazon’s The Last Tycoon.

Lots of news about Jon Hamm and his new movie, Keeping Up With the Joneses:

First up, Empire Online has an exclusive first look at the film. Slate and Entertainment Weekly also weigh in. Continue reading »


Mad Men Haiku!

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Jun 232016

Arnold Rosen 1

Cardiac surgeon

Don’s friend and downstairs neighbor

How much did he know?

Arnold Rosen 2

Jun 202016
Hell on Wheels, Cullen says goodbye to Naomi & the baby


At one time, those words from you were the only thing on God’s Earth I wanted to hear. But that time has passed.

Anson Mount (Cullen Bohannon) has said that he thinks Hell on Wheels episode 5.09: Return to the Garden is the best acting he’s ever done. He’s dug deep into himself in this one, plumbing feelings all the way to the bottom. He’s also keeping it dialed down, he doesn’t over-emote, he doesn’t reach for the big moment. There’s no clarity, which is what Big Acting Moments have. He’s confused throughout, lost, and that’s what shows so beautifully.

Like last week’s Two SoldiersReturn to the Garden has a utilitarian purpose: It gets Naomi and William out of the way so that the show can move on with the stories it wants to tell. The most important is getting us to that Golden Spike, but apparently, on the way there, there will be sex.   Continue reading »


Basket of News, June 17, 2016

Jun 17, 2016

The Atlanta Ad Club hosts a Mad Men Art Show. The revitalized Whose Line Is It Anyway? features Mad Men‘s Joel Murray. President Obama made a Mad Men reference. Danny Strong, creator of Empire and Danny Siegel on Mad Men, has a big new deal with Fox. 

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Mad Men Haiku!

Mad Men Haiku!

Jun 16, 2016

Trust fund son, Ho Ho “We will take all your money.” Ants go marching home

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Mad Men:  What Happened?

Mad Men: What Happened?

Jun 14, 2016

Dear Basketcases, Thank you for your comments on the inaugural “Mad Men:  What Happened?” post.  Due to popular(?)  demand, please enjoy the next installment of “Mad Men:  What Happened?”  As soon as I figure out a schedule, I will make this a regular feature. What becomes of Peggy and Stan, better known as “Steggy? Photo […]

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Hell on Wheels Episode 5.08: Two Soldiers

Hell on Wheels Episode 5.08: Two Soldiers

Jun 12, 2016

It is me, I am your friend! The “half season” premiere of Hell on Wheels, Two Soldiers, did an excellent job of filling in a little of Thor Gunderson’s backstory without pandering to any idea of sympathy. It’s one thing to humanize “The Swede”, and to focus in on him, it’s another to lose sight […]

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Basket of News, June 10, 2016

Jun 10, 2016

If you’re interested in car culture, this special retro car exhibit featuring Betty and Henry’s car from Mad Men is of interest. This is behind a paywall, but the Chronicle for Higher Education wrote up the Mad Men conference featuring Matt Zoller Seitz. This article about Sally Draper of Mad Men and Paige Jennings of […]

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Mad Men Haiku!

Mad Men Haiku!

Jun 9, 2016

  Jane’s cousin Danny “Cure for the common breakfast” Punches Kicked Roger’s balls

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Basket of News, June 3, 2016

Jun 3, 2016

The New York Times discusses office dress codes, illustrated with Peggy Olson and other film and TV icons of office wear. Basketcase Hollis took us back ten (!) years, to one of the first articles about Mad Men ever printed. Can Mad Men help Hillary Clinton win? This in-depth interview with television directors includes Alan […]

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Mad Men Haiku!

Mad Men Haiku!

Jun 2, 2016

Mother of Peaches “If you’re lonely, get a cat.” Thought baby was Don’s

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