Mad Men Haiku!

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Sep 292016

Ed Baxter

Lucky Strike letter

Ed tells Don he is poison

“Napalm. Dow makes it.”

Ed Baxter tells Don

Sep 262016
Photo: Warren Feldman/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: MastersofSex_403_0158

Photo: Warren Feldman/SHOWTIME

Pleasure and pain. Punishment and danger. Episode 4.05 of Masters of Sex, The Pleasure Protocol, digs into some previously unexplored territory. It’s excellent material, and suitable not just to the show but to these characters, at this point in their lives. The juxtapositions all work, and this is something the series has sometimes struggled with. Self-punishment mixed with pleasure as a conversation that arises after an AA meeting? That makes sense. Working with sexually dysfunctional couples and uncovering hidden rage that is painful and triggering for Bill? Of course.

I’m going to say that it’s more than a little ridiculous to present us with Masters and Johnson’s very first woman interested in some fairly mild BDSM when they’ve been doing this for more than ten years. The shock and surprise that there’s such a thing as a woman who wants a little aggression? Seriously? Continue reading »


Mad Men Haiku!

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Sep 222016

Mark Kearney dinner

Surprise proposal

He thought she was a virgin

Break up birthday meal

Mark Kearney Peggy bed


Masters of Sex: Inventory

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Sep 212016
Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson and Isabelle Fuhrman as Tessa in Masters of Sex (season 4, episode 2) - Photo: Warren Feldman/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: MastersofSex_402_0466

Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson and Isabelle Fuhrman as Tessa in Masters of Sex (season 4, episode 2) – Photo: Warren Feldman/SHOWTIME – Photo ID: MastersofSex_402_0466

Masters of Sex S4 E2, Inventory, raises the question of how much tolerance we can have for a female anti-hero. Television loves its male anti-heroes, from Don Draper to Walter White, and Bill Masters—cold, adulterous, a shitty father and a worse husband—fits right in. But television is also virulently unforgiving of its female anti-heroes: Betty Draper Francis and Skyler White, both significantly more sympathetic, were subjected to piles and piles of fan hate. (And yes, that’s sexism.) So in Inventory, with Virginia Johnson in full-blown mean girl mode, I have to wonder how much the audience can handle. Continue reading »

Sep 202016

What happened to Joy (season 2, episode 11)?

Joy laura ramsay s2

Don meets Joy in Los Angeles when he decides to take Paul Kinsey’s place on a business trip with Pete Campbell after Betty has kicked him out of the house because of his affair with Bobbie Barrett.

Joy is a member of the “Jet Set” who Don meets in hotel lobby when she says. “I’m Joy.”

Joy meets Don

Don ditches Pete and accepts Joy’s invitation to drive to Palm Springs when she asks him, “Why would you deny yourself something you want”?

joy drives don

Don joins Joy, her father Viscount Alsace (“Willy”) and the rest of the “globe-trotting idle aristocrats” in Palm Springs, where they have their affair.

Joy Don Willy

What happens to Joy after Don decides she is all wet and he leaves her after writing Anna’s address on a page out of the Faulkner novel she was reading?

Joy and don all wet

Where does Joy end up?  Does she ever get to read the last page of Faulkner’s “The Sound and the Fury?”  Does she ever meet Don Draper again?

OK, Basketcases….discuss among yourselves.


Basket of News, September 16, 2016

Sep 16, 2016

Multiple Basketcases let me know that Matthew Weiner is writing a novel to be released fall 2017. Magnolia Pictures will distribute the Elisabeth Moss film The Square. In another new film, The Free World, Moss may or may not be a killer. While at the US Open Jon Hamm shows he is master of the […]

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Mad Men Haiku!

Mad Men Haiku!

Sep 15, 2016

Close to home lover Captive in a hotel room Don gets room service

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Masters of Sex: Freefall (Season 4 Premiere)

Masters of Sex: Freefall (Season 4 Premiere)

Sep 12, 2016

Masters of Sex is going for the symbolic title in its season 4 premiere. Both Virginia Johnson and Bill Masters have lives in Freefall, and the extended metaphor is used twice. Once with meaningful music. If I sound like I didn’t like the episode, that’s not at all true. It wasn’t great. It was disjointed. […]

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Mad Men Haiku!

Mad Men Haiku!

Sep 8, 2016

Farmer and a drunk Kicked in the face by a horse Soft. You grow bullshit.

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Mad Men:  What Happened?  Don Draper's Lovers (part 1)

Mad Men: What Happened? Don Draper’s Lovers (part 1)

Sep 6, 2016

We learned the fate of some of the women who had affairs with Don Draper. Rachel Menken (season 1)   died of cancer (season 7) as well as did Betty (season 7), who divorced Don (season 4) and had a one-night affair (season 6) during the visit to Bobby at summer camp. Midge Daniels rolled […]

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Basket of News, September 2, 2016

Sep 2, 2016

Jon Hamm will “Stand Up for Cancer” on September 9th. Jon Hamm appears on social media to endorse Wilco’s new album. Keeping Up With the Joneses director Greg Mottola tweets a poster featuring Jon Hamm. Here’s a fun interview with Jon Hamm and Zach Galafanakis. Alison Brie, known to Mad Men fans as Trudy Campbell, has […]

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Mad Men Haiku!

Mad Men Haiku!

Sep 1, 2016

Gifts a Jaguar Tries to reconcile, New York Don hands her a check

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Basket of News, August 26, 2016

Aug 26, 2016

Here’s an interesting piece by Matthew Weiner on mentors and career advice. Homeland and Mad Men director Lesli Linka Glatter is on the shortlist to direct Captain Marvel. (I guess women directors are suddenly okay if the superhero is also a woman?) Glatter and Marti Noxon (also a Mad Men veteran) talk about directing “Peak […]

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