Basket of News, Dec. 13-19, 2014

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Dec 192014

Christina Hendricks has signed on to star opposite Luke Wilson in the Showtime comedy pilot Roadies from Cameron Crowe and J.J. Abrams. (via Polly Draper)

Jon Hamm shows how it would feel to block people in real life.

THR is compiling everything it knows about Cobalt, the companion show to The Walking Dead.

Is TWD‘s Rick Grimes too far gone?

The New York Times‘ Mike Hale names his Best TV Shows of 2014.

The Best TV Characters Of 2014, according to MTV.

All TV ratings being equal, ad buyers now prefer scripted over unscripted, and pop culture prestige increasingly drives branding.

James Bond’s women: Frozen in time? [I’m reminded of Wooderson. -K]

A CarterMatt poll deems Hell on Wheels the year’s most underrated TV show.

Yahoo! TV has “a first look at some of the characters you’ll be getting to know” on Better Call Saul.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases like you.

Dec 182014

bond_mastersonI have an article on The Film Experience that 007 fans might like.

With the announcement earlier this month that Monica Bellucci had been cast in the forthcoming Bond film, Spectre, the media has recently been replete with headlines like “James Bond finally falls for a woman his own age” It was the oft-repeated “finally” that put me in an analytic mood. Is this really the first time (“finally”) that Bond has been with a woman his own age? How often has there been a really large age disparity?

I decided to analyze each movie so I could derive some statistics.

Read the whole thing here.


60s Style

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Dec 172014


Missing Mad Men? Me too.

Here’s a visual delight: Vintage Fashion and Beauty is a Tumblr dedicated to fashions of the 1920s through 1970s. The Mad Men 1960s is right here. Pure browsing pleasure.


Homeland 4.11: Krieg Nicht Lieb

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Dec 152014

Homeland Title Watch has not always been a rewarding game, but this week it’s Krieg Nicht Lieb: War, Not Love.

Previously On has Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) saying that “It’s a sentimental idea… that our people come before the mission.” That’s from the Season 3 finale, and is pure foreshadowing for a devastating final three seconds.

War, Not Love. Continue reading »


Basket of News, Dec. 6-12, 2014

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Dec 122014

The SAG Awards and Golden Globes nominations were announced (via Polly Draper).  SAG favors Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and HomelandMad Men and The Walking Dead were generally snubbed (TWD gets a SAG nod for stunts), and Homeland was snubbed by the Globes, who gave much love to Fargo. The Writers Guild Awards gave two nominations to Mad Men.

Indiewire notes that Mad Men continues to soar beneath the radar of awards season, and names “The Strategy” the best TV episode of the year.

Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz both listed their Top 10 TV shows of 2014.  Uproxx also revealed their top picks. [Mad Men is still getting nods from top critics. -K]

Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and The Americans were among AFI’s Top 10 TV shows of the year.

Emily Kinney dropped a video for “Rockstar” from her upcoming EP, and Beth is the subject of an online petition.

Fansided asks whether Rick Grimes is becoming Shane Walsh.

Norman Reedus suggests to TV Guide what Daryl thinks about Rick.

The Hollywood Reporter has a sneak peek at Vincent Kartheiser in Red Knot.

Aaron Paul and Krysten Ritter had a backstage reunion at Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Better Call Saul released two new teasers.

Hell On Wheels prop masters Ken Wills and Justin Onofriechuk, as well as costume designer Carol Case, talked to AMC about their roles with the show.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases like you.

Friday Light Nights Bingewatch: Mad Men has ruined everything

Friday Light Nights Bingewatch: Mad Men has ruined everything

Dec 10, 2014

This will be quite a TV mash-up. I watch remarkably few television shows. I’m so ADD, it’s hard for me to devote myself to really watching something. I keep the TV on a lot, and half fluff-watch HGTV and (here come da judgey) QVC and Buffy repeats and (forgive me because of how very bad […]

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Homeland 4.10: 13 Hours in Islamabad

Homeland 4.10: 13 Hours in Islamabad

Dec 7, 2014

Homeland episode 4.10: 13 Hours in Islamabad, picked up where the cliffhanger from two weeks ago (There’s Something Else Going On) left off. The convoy containing Carrie Mathison and the just-freed Saul Berenson is under fire, the Taliban is in the process of breaking into and attacking the U.S. embasssy in Pakistan, Lockhart, head of […]

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Basket of News, Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 2014

Dec 5, 2014

The Walking Dead mid-season finale delivered 14.8 million viewers and 9.6 million adults 18-49, up 23% and 24%, respectively, over last season’s corresponding episode.  TWD has beaten Sunday Night Football five times this season. AMC apologized for spoiling The Walking Dead’s midseason finale on Facebook. Emily Kinney talked about Beth and the midseason finale with […]

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The Walking Dead Recap: Good Cop

The Walking Dead Recap: Good Cop

Dec 2, 2014

In the winter finale of The Walking Dead, Coda, Rick shows security-guard Bob what community policing is all about. He pursues the suspect, issues a warning, apprehends him, explains the law, and then arrests him. Forever. 

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The Walking Dead: What do you call them?

The Walking Dead: What do you call them?

Dec 1, 2014

We don’t call them “zombies.” Rick’s group calls them walkers. Lately, Rick just refers to the dead. Near Hershel’s farm, we encountered people who called them lamebrains. The Governor referred to biters. Dawn’s group called them rotters. Recently we’ve also heard stinkers (who was that?). Did I leave any out? What’s your favorite? If you […]

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Blog Note: The Walking Dead

Nov 30, 2014

I’m traveling over the next day or so, and will be unable to recap the winter finale of The Walking Dead tonight. I’m hoping to post it by Tuesday. My apologies — and watch this space!

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Basket of News, Nov. 22-28, 2014

Nov 28, 2014

Matthew Weiner received the 2014 International Emmy Founders Award, as presented with introductions by Christina Hendricks and John Slattery. Earlier in the day, Matt lauded his cast, mused about Mad Men and pondered the future. Variety printed his comments about the show’s international appeal (via Polly Draper). (here’s the full list of winners for the […]

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The Walking Dead Recap: Bad Cop

The Walking Dead Recap: Bad Cop

Nov 24, 2014

It’s the second-to-last episode before the winter break, and there’s entirely too much guilt to go around here. It seems everybody’s got a bad case of it, from Sasha in her survivor guilt to hothead Abraham and the shady security guards of Grady Memorial. 

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